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For Dominican families, limited access to medical care and food insecurity are a grim reality, not a dream.


income distribution remains unequal

which leads to food insecurity, hence, nutritional problems for children.

quality of health services is inadequate

due to the price of medical consultations being too high.

The unequal access to medical care makes it impossible for parents to save their child’s life.

Here’s how we’re saving a family’s story:

Smellin Charly coordinates all our family medical emergencies on the ground and ensures that every family has the medical assistance they need to survive and thrive. Local Project Manager Local Medical Team We work with local doctors and nurses to offer medical care to children who suffer from preventable diseases such as diarrhea, tonsillitis, pneumonia, anemia or chronic undernutrition. Our team partners with local pharmacies to ensure our medical team has all the medications they need to provide high quality health care. Local Partnership

Be there for a family.


Where We Work

Marlène Sans Frontière currently works in urban areas of Punta Cana, where our team is supporting local families with children living in shacks by providing food supplies and basic medical care.

Smellin Isabella and Sebastien, parents of young twins, had to save up to 6 weeks’ wage to afford seeing a doctor and paying for antibiotics for their twins’ tonsillitis.

With access to medical care, they are now able to watch their children grow without the constant fear of not being able to protect their family from medical emergencies.