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Why Medical Care? For families living in developing communities, access to medical aid can change everything.

Access to basic medical care means health, education, income and very importantly, family empowerment.

1 in 26 parents lose a child due to limited primary health care

and vaccine access, malnutrition, respiratory infections and diarrhea.

The majority of families who live in rural and urban communities have to save up for months before being able to afford a doctor and often have to walk hours before reaching the nearest clinic.

Saving these funds and making these unbearable walks take time and no parent can afford to wait when it comes to saving their child’s life.

Here are three ways you can be there for a family:

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Why Medical Care?


In 2018, preventable diseases killed over 6.2 million children, leaving parents mourn the loss of their children. 85% of those deaths are children under the age of 5. Access to basic medical care can save around 16,986 children every day.


Access to health care helps keep children in school. By relieving parent's financial stress for medical expenses, education can become a priority. Children should not have to miss school due to illnesses which could have been avoided or treated.


More than 1/3 of families across the world do not have access to essential health care due to steep prices. Access to basic medical care eases parents' financial stress, allowing them to afford their children's education.

Family Empowerment

When parents have access to basic health care to save their children, they are able to focus their energy on empowering their home and ensure the future, safety and well-being of their children.

How do we provide medical aid access to families in crisis?

Local Care For Local Health Issues

We work with local medical professionals and community members who have the medical knowledge and competency to provide high quality health care.

Family Medical Support

Every family receives regular medical follows-ups with the aim to prevent any other medical emergency. Our mission is to ensure that every family has the medical assistance they need to survive and thrive.

Medina As a new mother, Medina understands the importance of having access to basic health care. To ensure her one week old son was in good health, she would have had to walk 40 kilometers to see a doctor. Health Luis Since Luis’ mother has access to basic medical care, she doesn’t fear losing her son from malaria. Now, she is peacefully watching him grow up. Income Emidio Before Emidio didn’t have access to medical care, he often missed school. Now, he goes to school every day with the hope of becoming an English teacher. Education Smellin Soon a mother of three, Smellin doesn’t fear any threatening life emergencies since she has access to medical care. She is now able to protect her family in the best way she can. Family Empowerment