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In the last few decades, there have been many improvements in maternal and child health, but mortality rates, particularly among newborns, remain unacceptably high.

60 to 80% of these deaths occur in low birth weight babies. For those who survive the results are not encouraging: 66% are at risk of irreversible damage to their development due to malnutrition and poverty.

An effective intervention that focuses on improving nutrition and health in the first 1000 days of a child’s life – a period that covers pregnancy and the first 2 years of life guarantees lifelong benefits and helps to break the cycle of poverty.

Women’s education and empowerment are key to changing the destiny of a life that is yet to be born.

Here’s how we’re saving a family’s story:

Smellin To ensure Mozambican mothers and babies experience a safe birth, we provide a childbirth and first care emergency kit in local clinics. BabyBorn Kit MAYI Program Maternal and Child Health & Nutrition Training Academy is a community school for low-income pregnant women and mothers with babies up to 2 years old. The program’s mission is to train and empower mothers with the knowledge, tools and network to enable them to protect and care for their babies, so they can reach their maximum development potential. Learn more about the MAYI Program. Our team collaborates with APOIAR, a local NGO with 25 years of experience, that promotes development projects in the areas of nutrition, health and education and training in Mozambique. Local Partnership

Be there for a family.


Where We Work

Marlène Sans Frontière currently collaborates in Dondo, a rural area close to Beira, where our local partner is supporting local mothers and babies by improving nutrition and health in the first 1000 days of a child’s life to break the cycle of poverty.

Smellin “I started to come to MAYI when I was pregnant. I came to the lectures and after I finished the program I kept coming because the project goes until the child has two years old. From there I always came back to help in the community garden to have a nourished diet for my family. I also kept participating and motivating others to open up and tell more about their experiences during the lectures. “

- Fátima João Luis, 25 years. Marilu, 6 months.
MAYI participant.